Fix - libRETS stops pulling mls data and login fails

About a week ago libRETS stopped pulling our data for the Flagler County MLS, a process that has been running smoothly for the past 2 to 3 years.  We had lost the ability to login and were getting .. Could not get URL - HTTP response code: 503
My first thought was that our account had expired, and needed to be renewed.  But that was not the case.   As it turned out, the problem was an issue with librets not being able to connect with TLS 1.2, and the solution was to install a 4 month old beta version that can be found on Nuget. (see links below).  The Beta package does not show up in Visual Studio's Nuget UI,  so you will have do it manually using the Package Manager command line: 
PM>Install-Package libRETS-x64 -Version 1.6.3-beta1
libRETS is built in C++, so there isn't a lot of support for it due to the limited number of people who know how to program in the language.  Since I am not sure if libRETS will continue to be supported in the future, I am now writing my own class library using C# and the libraries available in .Net.

I am using it to process data for several different MLS's and data vendors that include Matrix, Navica, and FlexMLS, as well as a few independently run MLS's.  I'm happy to report that everything appears to be running smoothly again with the Beta version I installed.


Supporting Links: 

Support for HTTPS TLS 1.2 Connections #21